Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I FINALLY got a gym pass! I am overly excited about it. I have been waiting to spend the money until I could make it worth it. Since I finished my long term substitute job and am back to bouncing around to schools, I decided to bite the bullet. I am a huge fan of classes, it's the only way I am guaranteed to work out for a full hour. Plus, I love the variety and the music and the people. I'll be honest, I miss my people. I miss Anj and my sisters. But I am totally refocused on being healthy. I guess a disease that's progressing before your eyes will do that to you (oh, and a drug that makes you... larger...). I have been to the gym at least once a day since I bought my pass... last Monday... but I'll keep it up, promise! I just want to feel healthy. That is my focus. What's yours? 

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  1. You are awesome Abbey. I just think you are the best. Way to go!